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RUM V (2.200 sømil) - batch II
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Skotlander Rum V (2,200 miles)

Skotlander Rum is handcrafted rum from Denmark. Sugarcane molasses slowly fermentet in the cold Scandinavian climate for 30 days and then hand distilled on small pot stills.

On the Danish wood schooner Mira built in 1898 this rum has cold matured (5 - 30 C degrees) in PX Sherry barrels. This 2nd batch is bottled at 47% vol. after 2,200 nautical miles (sømil).

Rum maker Anders Skotlander and captain Jess Pedersen.

It took us more than 6 months to find the right ship - we were looking for the perfect location to produce an extra high quality rum. The barrels' content is activated 24 hours a day buy the movement of the ocean  and thereby draws more flavour out of the wood.

No chill filtration, no sugar added, natural color.


Alc. 47 % / 50 cl. / pot still

Colour: Dark
Nose: Toffee, burnt sugar, liqourice, wood, dry fruits
Taste: Burnt figs, sugar, nuts, butter, butter scotch
Sugar added: 0 gram/liter
Batch: 2
Limited edition: 950 bottles

"The nose is intense. There are nice sweet notes of young slightly aggressive alcohol mixed alongside some very fruity and rich Sherry like notes. Stoned fruits – plums, dark cherries and apricot. I’m also getting a nice smokiness to this and some well integrated but quite fresh smelling wood. A nice refreshing spicy note as well – citrus fruit and some white pepper."
- Thefatrumpirate, Wes Burgin

"Gingerbread and christmas spices in the nose".
- Whisky & Rum Magasin, Denmark

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