Skotlander White Rum

Skotlander White is BEST IN CLASS. It has a very fine and velvety flavour of cherry, liquorice, flowers and lots of sweetness, as well as a distinct taste of very elegant alcohol.

399,00 DKK319,20 DKK
Skotlander Cask Rum

Sweet, dark rum with notes of caramel and liquorice. Fantastic rum, aged on small PX sherry casks.

from 499,00 DKKfrom 399,20 DKK
Rum I (raw rum)

Awarded raw rum made from some of the world's finest sugarcane molasses.

799,00 DKK639,20 DKK
RUM II (small cask)

Delicious aromatic rum that has been aged in small oak barrels to give an intense colour and flavour.

1.499,00 DKK1.199,20 DKK
RUM III (sea buckthorn)

Delicious flavoured rum that has been matured with organic sea buckthorn from Danish island Bornholm.

850,00 DKK680,00 DKK
RUM IV (liquorice)

Delicious soft and round spiced rum that has been matured with selected liquorice roots.

from 849,00 DKKfrom 679,20 DKK
RUM V (1,400 sømil)

After 1,400 nautical miles (sømil) the rum has matured under temperature changes and constant movements thanks to the rough Danish climate. We bottled the rum at cask strength.

from 1.499,00 DKKfrom 1.199,20 DKK
Rum VI (wild rum)

Skotlander Rum VI is made from fresh sugar cane juice. Slowly wild fermented in Colombia. Then distilled at the altitude of 3,000 meters, which gives the alcohol a lower boiling point.

449,00 DKK359,20 DKK

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